CMM built to make 5-axis probe head shine

June 22, 2020
The Microstar Model 320-185 is optimized to work with Renishaw's PH20 probe head.

Microstar Model 320-185 Helmel Engineering Products developed this coordinate measuring machine (CMM) specifically to take advantage of the capabilities of Renishaw’s five-axis PH20 measuring probe head. The CMM is suited for inspecting molds, tooling and parts, especially in a lab setting. It has a measuring range of 20 inches by 30 inches by 18 inches, and comes standard with CMM Manager CAD software, and Renishaw’s Modus software is available as an option.

What’s new? Sturdier construction. Upgrades include a larger section in its Z-axis to boost stiffness and the strength of its bearing separation, while its X-axis carriage includes new self-aligning mounts for linear bearings.

Benefits Increased throughput. The Microstar Model 320-185 can offer double to triple the measuring speeds of traditional CMMs using indexing probes. According to the company, it is especially beneficial for volume production, process control and high throughput applications, and this is among the most accurate mechanical-bearing CMMs available.

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