UR makes connecting cobots, molding machines easier

April 27, 2020
New Molding Machine Interface software works with e-Series collaborative robots.

By Ron Shinn 

Universal Robots has developed an interface to make connecting its e-Series collaborative robots to injection molding machines faster and easier. 

The software and associated devices, called the Injection Molding Machine Interface (IMMI) system, support Euromap 67 and SPI AN-146 communications protocols. 

“Injection molding machines have many inputs and outputs to manage the complexities of the molding process,” said Joe Campbell, senior manager of applications development at Universal Robots. “Standardized interfaces allow for ease of integration and exchangeability. 

“With the IMMI, we give the manufacturer the ability to set up, program and control the entire application cycle through the UR cobot’s teach pendantCombine this with the positioning flexibility and the additional degrees of freedom found in UR cobots compared to traditional Cartesian robots, and you have a very powerful solution.” 

UR says its six-axis robots are suited for tasks that require high repeatability, complex motions and demanding angles. The cobots can be mounted beside or on top of an injection molding machine and can safely work alongside humans. 

The IMM module is installed in the UR cobot’s control box. A 6-foot ribbon cable connects to the expansion bus slot on the control box. It can be ordered for any e-Series UR cobot built this year. 

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