Safety systems protect cranes from collisions

June 15, 2020
Columbus McKinnon’s Intelli-Protect technology allows users to designate particular areas or nearby equipment that trigger cranes to slow down or stop.

Intelli-Protect Columbus McKinnon’s Intelli-Protect systems allow users to designate areas where overhead cranes must slow down or stop. For example, users might want to protect an office, sensitive equipment or storage racks. Another possibility is protecting a moving robot arm; when the robot arm is sufficiently lowered, the system allows the crane to operate over the robot. Fixed-location versions use limit switches that interact with a controller to limit or completely restrict crane motion in designated areas. Configurable versions use laser-positioning sensors. 

What’s new? The Intelli-Protect systems, the first products in the company’s new Intelli-Crane line. 

Benefits Safety. The systems limit the risk of collisions, improving worker safety. Additionally, Intelli-Protect systems are simple to configure.

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