Stacked TCUs provide greater efficiency

June 9, 2020
Delta T Systems has added to its Eco series of temperature-control units with a stacked version of the Eco, which has two Eco units stacked to provide control over two independent zones.

Eco This line of temperature-control units (TCUs) from Delta T Systems includes models with pumps rated from 0.75-horsepower (hp) to 3 hp that can produce up to 130 gallons per minute of output. The TCUs feature a unique pump design that can as much as double the flow rate compared with other designs using the equivalent pressure. Water temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit are possible.  

What’s new? A stacked version, with two Eco units stacked to provide control over two independent zones.  

Benefits Efficiency and compact design. The stacked units share common utilities; they can also be separated, if desired, using a kit provided by Delta T Systems. In addition to these distinctive benefits, the stacked versions of the Eco series offer the same energy efficiency as the rest of the line. Because the TCUs can pump twice as much fluid as units with comparable horsepower, they offer an energy-efficient alternative over competitors. 

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