Automation companies launch new products, upgrades

May 27, 2020
Exhibitors at ATX West introduced a variety of products, including a new mobile robot, a larger parts feeder and a remote monitoring system.

Three automation companies offering a variety of products presented new and upgraded technologies at the ATX West show in Anaheim in February. 

Omron Automation 

Omron Automation continues to improve the onboard navigation capabilities of its mobile robots. The latest model, the LD-250, can carry 550 pounds and avoid people and obstacles while automatically calculating the best route. 

The LD-250 combines Omron’s high-accuracy positioning system (HAPS), side lasers and the company’s Acuity vision localization technology for improved mobility in a changing workplace. The company said it can work safely around people. 

Two forward-looking lasers guide the LD-250 while infrared light sensors check for rear obstacles.  

The robot’s navigation system integrates with plant’s manufacturing execution system and enterprise resource planning software. 

The LD-250 has a metal chassis and skin for durability. It can run for about 13 hours between charges and has a dock that allows it to automatically charge. 

A range of accessories is available to configure the LD-250 for different functions, including one that mounts an Omron collaborative robot onto the mobile chassis. 

An Omron spokesman said the LD-250 is aimed at warehousing applications but works for any task that requires a high payload. 

The LD-250 will be available in the U.S. later this year. 

Epson Robots 

Epson has added a new model to its IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System to handle larger parts. The IntelliFlex 530 accommodates parts from 1.2 inches to 5.9 inches. The IntelliFlex 240, which went on the market in 2019, handles parts ranging from 0.2 inches to 1.6 inches in size. 

IntelliFlex feeders and software are integrated with an Epson robot and vision system to handle parts that need be sorted. The entire package is called an IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System. 

The vision system identifies part sizes, shapes and positions to optimize picking order. The IntelliFlex feeder table has a vibrating surface to move parts that are not in the optimal orientation. The integrated robot picks the singulated parts. 

Epson markets the IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System as an alternative to the traditional bowl and flexible feeder systems. Epson claims its system provides better operational efficiency and faster changeover times. 

The system uses artificial intelligence software to automatically adjust the feeder parameters when setting it up to handle new parts. 

The IntelliFlex 530 has a vibrating table that measures 16.8 inches by 14.5 inches.  

Absolute Robot 

Absolute Robot, which provides automation to injection molding companies, has launched a remote monitoring system that lets a service engineer access a customer’s robot that needs troubleshooting support.  

“Many customers are challenged to hire and keep highly qualified technical team members,” said Tim Lavigne, Absolute Robot business unit manager. “We found a way to take over-the-phone troubleshooting to the next level.” 

The new system, called Virtual Assist, lets an Absolute Robot duty officer access the control screen on A/AW, BW and CW servo robots.

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