Updated flow controllers are more precise

May 4, 2020
Wittmann Battenfeld has upgraded its Series 110 and Series 310 flow controllers to provide more precise control of the mold-cooling water.

Flow controllers Wittmann Battenfeld’s Series 11and Series 310 flow controllers regulate the mold-cooling water in injection molding and blow molding machines. Series 110 flow controllers come in seven models, with the smallest unit handling one mold-cooling circuit and the largest handling 12 circuits. The maximum flow rate per circuit is 10 liters per minute. Series 310 controllers are suited for large injection and blow molding machines and also come in seven models covering one to 12 circuits. Their per-circuit flow rates range from zero to 30 liters per minute.  

What’s new? Various upgrades. The control valve now has a double seal that the company developed for fine-tuning the flow rate, and cross sections of the flow controllers’ interiors are larger. 

Benefits Precise control of the flow rate and greater durability. The double seal and axial movement of the valve disk decrease wear on the O-rings, increasing their service life. Additionally, the larger dimensions of the controllers’ interiors reduce pressure drop, an advantage when the controllers operate at low pressures.  

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