Cyclo resin dryers gain greater capacity

May 5, 2020
Maag boosts the maximum capacity of its 420 model to 24,250 pounds per hour and upgrades its 430 to handle up to 39,900 pounds per hour.

Cyclo Maag’s Cyclo dryers use centrifugal force to remove as much as 95 percent of the water from resin pellets made via underwater pelletizing. The residual heat in the pellets is used to evaporate any remaining surface moisture. The two models in the line are available with adjustable rotor speeds and optional self-cleaning features.  

What’s new? Greater drying capacity. The company has boosted the maximum capacity of the 420 model to 24,250 pounds per hour and to 39,900 pounds per hour for the 430.   

Benefits Quiet operation, low energy consumption and a small footprint. The dryers’ components are also easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance.  

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