Hot-runner controller updated for improved connectivity, easy setup

April 15, 2020
Meusburger's profiTEMP+ enables Industry 4.0 capabilities.

By Bruce Adams

Meusburger has added features to its profiTEMP+ hot-runner temperature controller that simplify setup and enable Industry 4.0 functionality.

A new connection for a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader targets Industry 4.0 capabilities and a new setup wizard simplifies configuring the system. Both features were introduced at K 2019 and are available worldwide.

The RFID connection and reader are for companies that want to transition toward Industry 4.0, which will allow greater connectivity for the sharing of information between multiple machines and devices.

The RFID reader in profiTEMP+ will identify and localize the injection molding machine without being physically connected to the machine. It gathers machine operating information, which allows the controller to do its job. 

To ensure consistent part quality, the hot-runner controller must be set to match the machine’s parameters, such as temperature setpoints and tolerance alarm values. Relevant production data is recorded and stored by the controller. If mold data is managed centrally on a server, the hot-runner data also can be centrally recorded.

Existing molds can be retrofitted to accommodate the profiTEMP+ controller with the RFID connection, the company said.

The setup wizard is pre-installed and fully integrated into the profiTEMP+ controller. Customers operating profiTEMP+ controllers with an older software version can download the current software from the Meusburger website at no cost and update their controllers, the company said.

In addition to simplifying configuration, the setup wizard helps determine optimum parameters so that the hot runner can be adjusted in the shortest possible time. Parameters include temperature setpoint and the type of zone, such as the nozzle or the manifold.

The setup wizard identifies and analyzes zones, such as the manifold and nozzle, in the hot runner. It is designed to help less-experienced operators by offering them suggestions that they can consider along with their own product specifications. It allows the operators to name these zones in the hot runner, to establish temperature setpoint values and to limit values in each zone. When finished with the setup, all the settings can be saved for future use.

ProfiTEMP+ also offers MoldCheck, which performs a diagnosis of the mold and of the electronics, including heaters and sensors in the hot runner system. This is designed to guarantee that the hot runner’s electrical system is working properly. In addition to testing the wiring, MoldCheck documents that the test was completed, and the wiring is functional. It also checks to make sure that all the protection and safety features in the profiTEMP+ controller are activated.

The updated controller fully supports Euromap 82.2 standards, which address the interface between injection molding machines and hot runner controllers for data exchange. It is based on the OPC-UA standard, which is a communication standard for secure and reliable data exchange in industrial automation.

In the future, OPC-UA will be the standard interface for injection molding machines and hot-runner controllers from all manufacturers worldwide to ensure compatibility between devices. Customers using previous profiTEMP+ controllers can retrofit them to support Euromap 82.2 standards through a free software update.

The data interfaces and protocols available in the controller enable it to connect to injection molding machine controls, process control systems, data acquisition systems and process optimization systems. The user interface on the controller is designed to make the configurations and procedures more transparent.

An Ethernet interface provides direct access to the profiTEMP+ controller via the internet, which allows access for service from remote locations.

Bruce Adams, senior staff reporter

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