Mitutoyo hardness testers offer choice of measurement scales

May 15, 2020

HR-600 Mitutoyo’s newest series of hardness testers evaluates specimens’ ratings on both the Brinell and Rockwell scales. The testers come with a table for mounting specimens, such as plastic parts.

What’s new? The testers, each of which feature a movable head, a first for Mitutoyo.

Benefits Flexibility and ease of use. The testers’ ability to measure on two separate scales makes them an especially convenient option. In addition, compared with other Mitutoyo testers, they have bigger, deeper tables to accommodate bigger specimens. For added convenience, options are available to accommodate robots, round specimens and other special needs.

Mitutoyo America Corp., Aurora, Ill., 888-648-8869,

          Maximum speed of movable head                  0.4 inch per second        
          Maximum range of movable head                  8.3 inches        
          Maximum load limit                  220 pounds