Patent Report: Injection machine boasts specialized plasticizing rotor

Aug. 14, 2019

The U.S. patent office granted a patent to Shunde Polytechnic, a Foshan, China, college, for an injection molding machine with a specialized, hemispherical plasticizing rotor.

The injection molding machine also includes “a vibration apparatus and a movement controller … installed between the plunger and the push rod of the injection oil cylinder.” The vibration apparatus causes the plunger to move in different ways, such as vibrating axially or circumferentially.

These features give the machine improved plasticizing and extruding capabilities compared to traditional machines, according to the patent. 

The vibrations reduce the viscosity of the plastic melt, increase the flow rate, lower the injection pressure, enhance the mixing of the material and improve the performance of the formed product, according to the patent. “The tensile strength and impact strength of the injection molded product are improved, the density is increased, the degree of crystallinity … is increased, and the internal quality and appearance quality of the product are greatly improved and enhanced.”

Patent 10,315,347; issued June 11

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