New cobot can be handled by novices

Aug. 1, 2019
Yaskawa America has introduced a new six-axis collaborative robot and controller.

Yaskawa America has introduced a new six-axis collaborative robot and controller; the robot is part of a newly created series that also includes existing products that have been optimized for easy installation and programming by robot novices.

The HC10DT, introduced at Automate 2019, is a new version of the HC10 model introduced two years ago. The “DT” stands for “Direct Teach,” and it has three easy-to-use programming buttons to direct the robot arm’s path.

The HC10 series robots have through-arm utilities to reduce snagging or interference with other equipment. The series also has torque sensors in all joints to quickly stop the robot in event of accidental contact with humans.

The HC10DT is easily integrated with other automation and does not require a safety enclosure.

Both the HC10 and HC10DT use Yaskawa’s Smart Pendant for programming and both can be hand-guided, whereas the HC10DT also has programming buttons to further simplify teaching. The company says the programming options make the series ideal for users without robot programming experience.

The HC10DT has a 22-pound payload and 47-inch reach. It is designed for materials handling, machine tending and light assembly duties.

The HC10DT is controlled by Yaskawa’s new ultra-compact YRC1000micro controller. It does not require a transformer, and the company said its smallest-in-class size makes it ideal for high- density layouts where controllers must be stacked. It can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, as well as within a 19-inch rack.

Improved acceleration and deceleration control of the YRC1000micro can improve the robot’s cycle time by as much as 10 percent. Yaskawa said excellent path accuracy control provides increased trajectory precision independent of motion speed.

The YRC1000micro can connect to Yaskawa’s Cockpit software that monitors, accumulates and displays all operational data in real-time. Cockpit is designed for networked production facilities and can be synchronized with other data in the factory.

Cockpit is extensible and allows companies to implement data-driven planning to maximize efficiency.

Yaskawa also introduced its Smart Series product line at Automate 2019. The Smart Series includes the HC10DT as well as the MotoMini, GP7, GP8 and GP12 models, the Smart Pendant and YRC1000micro controller. All models are optimized for easy implementation of a robot system with simple, intuitive programming for novice users.

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