Boy offers latest machine control

Oct. 6, 2016
Dr. Boy has unveiled the new generation of its Procan Alpha machine control, which has a built-in OPC-UA server.

Procan Alpha 4 Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG, Neustadt-Fernthal, Germany, has unveiled the new generation of its Procan Alpha machine control. The control has a built-in OPC-UA server that facilitates the connection of a molding machine to the cloud and other equipment, as well as to plantwide manufacturing execution systems. Additionally, it features improved graphical sequence programming.

What's new? The new generation Procan Alpha 4, which Boy plans to show for the first time this month at the K show. It is currently available as optional equipment on Boy molding machines.

Benefits Greater accuracy. The company said registration accuracy has been increased by a factor of 10, temperature control accuracy has been doubled and tolerances cut in half. Consistency of cycle times has been improved with deviations of less than 10 milliseconds. Also, the use of a built-in server means external servers are not needed. The graphical sequence programming capability lets an operator control functions such as core pulls, delay times and other inputs.

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