Latest Engel press compact, flexible

July 22, 2015
Engel's new horizontal hydraulic tie-bar injection molding machine, which has a clamping force of about 337 tons, has been designed to meet the needs of international O-ring and flat gasket manufacturers.

Flexseal 300 T It can process all common rubber compounds and other elastomer materials. Each injection unit is available in two cylinder diameters with up to 34,800 pounds per square inch of pressure.

What's new? The machine, which was introduced in June.

Benefits Compact size, flexibility and efficient energy consumption through the use of Engel's proprietary ecodrive. Compared to other injection molding machines, the flexseal 300 T is about 8 feet shorter, but with heating plates of about 22 inches by 26 inches, the machine still provides more room for the mold and automation. Its open construction provides ergonomic access to the nozzle and material supply. In addition, the machine's screw injection unit ensures very high precision for production with small and mid-sized shot volume, and the plasticizing units for rubber, solid silicone, LSR and TPE can be exchanged easily.

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