Top 10 most-read stories in January

Feb. 3, 2021
OEMs looked at the trends in machinery purchasing for 2021 as the pandemic continues to rage; other popular stories focused on new equipment and technology.

Popular stories on in January included segments of our cover story package looking at the machinery buying landscape in 2021, a new technology combining additive manufacturing and compression molding, and features on new machineryHere are the 10 most-read stories published last month. Did you miss any? 

1. Extruder OEMS are optimistic for 2021 despite the pandemic slowdown. Packaging, PPE, medical tubing and construction materials are among the products driving demand for machines, but some companies saw a drop in sales.  

2. Engel sees growth in household goods and automotive markets this year, predicting a rebound in manufacturing of vehicles, construction goods and items for the home, as well as continued support for sustainability and recycling technologies. 

3. Custom injection molder PTA Plastics added six presses at two of its facilities, as part of a $2 million-plus expansion to support its burgeoning business in the medical market.

4. StackTeck recently released results showing that thin-walled pails made with its proprietary TRIM molds fared well, compared with buckets with thicker walls. The company also is expanding its robot offerings.

5. IPEG acquired the conveying system firm Phoenix Systems. After collaborating for decades, Phoenix and its products will become part of Conair. 

6. Huskys new NexPET preform molding system is designed to allow processors to manufacture a wider variety of products in the mid-volume market sector. 

7. A new clamping mechanism has allowed Nissei to make a 220-ton compact hybrid vertical injection molding machine and a brand-new 300-ton machine with heights that are about 10 percent lower than conventional machines. 

8. With its new additive manufacturing/compression molding technology, Arris Composites wants to bring the benefits of continuous fiber-reinforced parts from high-tech fields like aerospace to mass-produced parts for consumer goods and the auto industry.  

9. The blow molding industry has boomed during the pandemic, says industry veteran Bob Jackson. Demand for new, used and refurbished machines has surged, amid the early run on hygiene supplies and the recent auto industry comeback. 

10. Protolabs helped facilitate a lightning-fast launch for Fleetwood Electronics new employee badge intended to reinforce safe physical distancing.