Bausano optimizes extruders for PVC, polyolefin pipe

April 18, 2022
The company's twin-screw MD and single-screw E-GO extruders now are available with specialized extrusion heads.

By Bruce Geiselman 

Italian OEM Bausano has launched a new generation of twin- and single-screw extruders optimized for PVC and polyolefin (PO) pipe production. 

Bausano’s twin-screw MD and single-screw E-GO extruders now are available with extrusion heads designed for making PVC or PO pipe, including rigid, flexible, monolayer, multilayer, smooth and corrugated types for applications such as construction, agriculture and medical products. 

“The current offer includes the new series of extrusion heads, both single and double output, which allow process enhancement for productivity up to 2,000 kilograms [4,409 pounds] per hour,” VP Clemente Bausano said in an email. “In detail, Bausano offers a series of models for both PVC and polyolefin (PO) pipes.” 

For PO pipe, for example, Bausano extrusion lines have radial spiral or helical spiral heads, resulting in better melt distribution and reduced pressure buildup, Bausano said.  

The new heads make the extrusion process more efficient, resulting in less waste, he said. A shorter material residence time in the head results in higher productivity, improved viscosity, a smoother exit from the head channels and faster processing speeds. 

“Expansion of our extrusion lines for PVC and PO pipes is the result of our unique ability to combine our technological expertise, process consultancy with customers and our passion for innovation,” Bausano said. “Bausano has recently reinforced its technical department by adding a team of experts who have specific skills and consolidated know-how in designing these types of solutions.” 

Bausano’s lines for producing PVC pipe in diameters from 2.5 inches to 6.3 inches include the MD Nextmover 170/30 extruder equipped with a double-exit die head for outputs of 4,409 pounds per hour. The line’s gravimetric doser is designed for maximum precision. In addition, the 170/30 extruder features bimetallic screws and a cylinder that are subject to less corrosion and wear. 

Other features include cooling and calibration benches made of stainless steel for producing pipes with flawless surfaces. A compact, high-performance cooling system cools pipes more quickly, which improves quality. Bausano also offers end-of-line accessories, including a drive system, cutting unit and belling machine. 

Both the MD and E-GO models are equipped with Bausano’s Smart Energy System with electromagnetic induction, which allows for more rapid and uniform heating of the cylinder and energy savings of up to 35 percent. The company’s Digital Extruder Control 4.0 with a 21-inch screen accurately monitors energy consumption of each stage of the process and features a real-time display for managing motor power, temperature, screw adjustment and other parameters. 

The company’s headquarters is near Turin, Italy, and its U.S. offices are in Oswego, Ill., and Houston. 


Bausano & Figli SpA, Oswego, Ill., 630-636-7411,

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