Sikora system measures corrugated pipe

July 2, 2024
It combines an X-ray system with software based on artificial intelligence to overcome the challenges of contours.

X-Ray 6000 Pro C-Pipe AI  Manufacturers of corrugated pipe face challenges in ensuring concentricity of different layers due in large part to the hill-valley contours of the parts. In the startup of the process, ensuring different layers of the pipe are concentric can take anywhere from minutes to hours — and during this time, only scrap is produced. Sikora’s X-Ray 6000 Pro C-Pipe AI line — including the X-Ray 6200 Pro and X-Ray 6300 Pro — combines a newly developed software based on artificial intelligence with an X-ray system to provide a reliable solution for the measurement of layer transitions.

What’s new? X-Ray 6000 Pro C-Pipe AI, available in multiple models for different pipe diameters, which Sikora introduced at NPE.

Benefits Reduced scrap and increased uptime. X-Ray 6000 Pro C-Pipe AI provides process control, wall thickness and eccentricity measurements for quick pipe centering, greatly decreasing start-up scrap. It provides simple one-button operation, with no material parameters required. It also supplies clear visualization of product parameters and data logging, and provides extensive data storage options, with OPC-UA and various Fieldbus interfaces including Ethernet IP.

Sikora, Peachtree City, Ga., 770-486-1233, 

Vital Statistics


X-Ray 6200 Pro 

X-Ray 6300 Pro 

Maximum inner diameter of pipe that can be inspected 

6.1 inches 

9.05 inches 

Maximum outer diameter of pipe that can be inspected 

7.08 inches 

11.02 inches 

Measuring accuracy 

20 microns 

30 microns 


4.3 feet by 4.5 feet by 1.26 feet 

4.3 feet by 4.5 feet by 1.26 feet 

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