Bausano pipe head tailored for PVC

May 29, 2024
The multi-diameter head offers flexibility, parameter control and reduced set-up time.

PVC pipe head This multi-diameter head for producing PVC pipe, made by Bausano, Torino, Italy, is made of C45 carbon steel, and is both compact and modular, with chrome plating on surfaces that contact the flowing material. The company designed the pipe head to minimize dwell times and damage to the PVC, which can degrade at temperatures as low as 356 degrees Fahrenheit — which is close to its melting temperature. Mercer Process Equipment and IMS Tri Mechanical represent Bausano in the North America.   

What’s new? The pipe head, which Bausano displayed at NPE on an MD 92/30 Nextmover extruder. 

Benefits Production flexibility, parameter control and reduced set-up times. The pipe head helps processors deliver a high-variety/low production product mix without compromising quality of the final product. It works for pipes ranging from 125mm to 400mm in diameter, alleviating the need for the complex fitting of components, recalibration and adjustments on the line — eliminating up to 83 hours per year of work not directly aimed at production. The head’s modular design also facilitates cleaning and maintenance during assembly and disassembly.  

Mercer Process Equipment Inc., Houston, 713-984-1282, 

IMS Tri Mechanical LLC, Oswego, Ill., 630-636-7411, 

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