Dryer allows reuse of water used to cool extrusions

Aug. 31, 2020
Air Control Industries' new Profile Dryer uses a vacuum to pull water off extrusions and is not subject to water and oil contamination, as many conventional dryers are.

Profile Dryer This new device from Air Control Industries (ACI) uses a vacuum to pull water off complex extrusions made from PVC and other plastics. Made from stainless steel with ceramic rollers, it features a lateral channel blower and cooling fans, as well as a water separator that drains water as it reaches a certain level. ACI creates custom-machined entrance and exit plates to accommodate irregularly shaped extrusions, and it can tailor dimensions to suit users’ needs.

What’s new? The dryer, which hit the market several months ago.

Benefits Improved drying. The Profile Dryer dries more completely and more quickly than traditional methods that rely on compressed-air systems. And, unlike compressed-air technologies, it isn’t subjecti to oil or water contamination. With the technology, users can recycle water to cool extrusions.

Air Control Industries Inc., Windsor, Maine, 877-326-1862, www.aircontrolindustries.com

Vital Statistics

          Length                  About 4.3 feet        
          Horsepower of available motor options                  2 and 4        
          Maximum diameter of extrusions                   2.56 inches