Laser measures moving profiles

May 19, 2020
NDC's new LaserSpeed Pro M series of gauges can monitor the length of profiles, even if they're moving or bouncing.

LaserSpeed Pro M NDC’s newest series of gauges uses laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) to measure cylindrical products, such as plastic cord, cable, pipe, tube, rods and bars, even if they are bouncing or moving unpredictably. Among other applications, the gauges can measure the length of a profile as it’s extruded and provide control over when and where profiles should be cut. 

What’s new? The ability to measure profiles that are moving. Based on NDC’s LaserSpeed Pro family of products, the M-series gauges came out late last year. 

Benefits Reliable product measurements, even under difficult conditions. The gauges are appropriate for inspecting hard-to-measure, small, bouncing and unguided cylindrical moving products, and they are effective regardless of the products’ size, curvature, material type, color or texture. With the gauges, users can avoid downtime and work to prevent the production of out-of-spec parts. 

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