Movable pultrusion machine creates composite profiles

May 1, 2020
The pullCUBE from Thomas GmbH + Co. Technik + Innovation KG is compact enough to move around the factory or work sites, yet can make any length of profile desired.

pullCUBE Thomas GmbH + Co. Technik + Innovation’s pullCUBE pultrusion machine is designed to create state-of-the-art composite profiles.   

What’s new? The size. At 11.5 feet long, it is about one-quarter the length of typical pultrusion machines. Additionally, the company’s patented moving-mold technology allows the machine to manufacture both straight and curved profiles. 

Benefits Space savings, versatility, mobility and reduced waste. The extremely compact size and portability of the pullCUBE machine allow it to fit into existing factory setups and to be transported for use on job sites. The machine has no limitations on the length of the profiles it can make, which means that it can produce very long, one-piece structural profiles for large civil-engineering projects such as bridges. Additionally, because the machine is so short, it wastes dramatically less material during both start-up and cleaning processes. 

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