Triple Bubble film line achieves high productivity

Dec. 29, 2022
Kuhne's new lines are ideal for producing high-barrier packaging from PE, PP, PET, polyamide and ethylene vinyl alcohol.

Triple Bubble Kuhne’s Triple Bubble blown film lines are designed to produce biaxially oriented polyolefin-based films for high-barrier packaging. They can include an oxygen barrier, and are suitable for producing films for thermoforming applications. They can produce film with layer structures ranging from monolayer film up to 17-layer film with thicknesses ranging from 15 microns to 150 microns.  

What’s new? Higher output. At K 2022, Kuhne displayed a large-scale line capable of throughputs up to 4,500 pounds per hour, generating film up to 19.7 feet wide — substantially larger than a typical blown or cast film line, which might typically have an output of 1,764 pounds per hour and a maximum width of 9.8 feet.  

Benefits Better ROI. The biaxial orientation strengthens film, allowing thinner film to be used in an application. This reduces material consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and the new Triple Bubble line can match or surpass cast film lines for productivity and profitability. The Triple Bubble technology is attractive for thermoforming and many food packaging applications. The system works with a range of conventional polymers including PE, PP, PET, polyamide and ethylene vinyl alcohol.  

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