Colines film line is eco-friendly

Oct. 6, 2023
The Polyblown 5-layer POD series can process PCR resins and uses less energy.

Polyblown 5-Layer POD Colines new production line designed for polyolefin films is capable of processing post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins. The Polyblown 5-layer PODseries (which stands for Polyolefin Dedicated) features four extruders with a 70mm diameter and 2,100mm length for the A-B-D-E layers, and a main extruder with a 105mm diameter and 3,150mm length for the C layer – all with infrared heaters.   

What’s new? The Polyblown 5-layer PODseries, which was unveiled in July. 

Benefits Lower energy consumption, which can range from about 0.14 kilowatt per hour (kWh) to about 0.17 kWh per pound, depending on the formulation. The system’s software has a user-friendly graphical interface, and the machine itself has a sturdy, modular design that offers good ergonomics for operators. The Polyblown 5-layer PODseries boasts low thickness tolerances and high production capacities, and its brushless motors help it achieve excellent control of film tension and winding speed. 

Colines USA Corp., Hauppauge, N.Y., 631-521-7528, 

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