Isra Vision system detects surface flaws

March 2, 2023
SurfaceStar SIS is designed for blown film, cast film, coating and converting applications, and can detect and classify defects as small as 100 microns.

SurfaceStar Isra Vision’s Surface & Print Inspection division’s new SurfaceStar brand is designed for use in blown film, cast film, coating and converting applications. The brand’s in-line part-surface inspection system, SurfaceStar SIS, automatically detects surface defects. It incorporates a high-end embedded vision camera and LED lighting, along with Isra Vision’s Smash inspection software and the Touch & Inspect user interface. 

What’s new? The SurfaceStar SIS, which joins the SurfaceStar GS, a plug-and-play system that can detect gels, inclusions and black spots on blown or cast films, in the SurfaceStar brand. 

Benefits Time and money savings. The plug-and-play functionality of SurfaceStar SIS makes it quick and easy for users to adapt to their existing production environment, minimizing waste and cutting the time it takes to optimize the process. It can reliably detect and classify surface defects as small as 100 microns, depending on the web width. The standard inspection width is between 7.8 inches and 5.2 feet, with other widths available on request.  

Isra Vision USA, Berkeley Lake, Ga., 770-449-7776, 

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