Isra Vision introduces gel sensor system

Feb. 7, 2023
Its SurfaceStar GS is a plug-and-play system that can detect gels, inclusions and black spots on blown or cast films.

SurfaceStar Isra Vision’s new SurfaceStar brand includes the SurfaceStar GS (gel sensor) system, which can detect gels, inclusions and black spots that occur in the manufacture of blown or cast films. It is a plug-and-play system that contains all required components, including an embedded camera, LED lighting and the sensor, in a single compact array.  The company said SurfaceStar GS is the first product of its kind that can be run via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and doesn’t require a dedicated monitor to operate. The software that runs it is based on Isra Vision’s Smash technology, and the SurfaceStar GS offers a 15.7-inch-wide field of view.

What’s new? The SurfaceStar GS.

Benefits Lower costs and less scrap production. Because it supports OPC and MQTT Industry 4.0 standards, SurfaceStar GS is easily integrated into existing process control systems. The resulting closed-loop system tracks defects in real time, helping the user to quickly identify problems and adjust parameters earlier. It can be added as a retrofit or installed directly by operators. 

Isra Vision USA, Berkeley Lake, Ga., 770-449-7776,

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