Pixargus upgrades AllRounDia DualVision

Dec. 16, 2022
The system can now inspect any sort of surface, no matter its color or whether it is transparent, matte or glossy.

AllRounDia DualVision  The Pixargus AllRounDia DualVision inspection system measures tubes, hoses and cables while inspecting for surface defects.  

What’s new? Updates to the system, including a newly developed light ring that features a completely enclosed illumination field and an improved light field. The sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted much more finely to determine the contrast and level of detail. Some of the interior components also have been modified. For example, the LED arrays in the sensor unit have been fitted with new diffuser material to optimize light diffusion. The underlying measuring technology also has been upgraded. A further enhancement of the new AllRounDia DualVision generation is its upgraded integrated HMI. While the HMI of the earlier systems displayed the dimensional and surface-related information next to each other on the 10-inch screen, it also now can display the information separately

Benefits Versatility. The new-generation AllRounDia DualVision system now measures and inspects glossy round products, and translucent, semi-transparent hoses with high accuracy. It can inspect any sort of surface, no matter its color or whether it is transparent, matte or glossy. The optimized inspection and measuring software eliminates all interfering reflections.  

Pixargus Inc., Cincinnati, 513-860-0460, www.pixargus.com   

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