Triple-shaft mixer from Charles Ross adaptable to viscous applications

May 31, 2021
The VMC-40S can handle full vacuum operation and offers electropolished and passivated surfaces.

Triple-Shaft Mixer Multi-shaft mixers have independently driven agitators that together improve dispersion of fine solids, ensure efficient turnover and uniform heating/cooling. Charles Ross & Son’s triple-shaft mixers are easy to adapt to a variety of viscous applications. The VersaMix line can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 4,000 gallons.

What’s new? The VMC-40S, which is designed for full vacuum operation with an internal pressure of up to 5 pounds per square inch gauge. It features both electropolished and passivated product contact surfaces.

Benefits Versatility. This mixer can accomplish powder wet-out and dispersion, temperature control, emulsification, homogenization and degassing — all in one vessel. It also has an ASME-stamped mixing vessel supplied with a matching platen-style discharge system.

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