Bag dump module controls dust

April 28, 2021
Munson unit controls dust caused by bulk materials with dust hood, blower and cartridge filters.

Bag dump module To avoid the dust generated by adding bulk materials to equipment, Munson Machinery’s bag dump module combines a dust hood with a hinged door, air nozzles to dislodge accumulated dust and a blower that draws airborne dust into a pair of 1-micron cartridge filters. It can be added to a range of equipment, including bulk solid mixers, blenders or storage vessels and size-reduction equipment with a square opening ranging from 24 inches to 30 inches in size.

What’s new? The bag dump module.

Benefits Ease of installation. The dust hood has pre-drilled flanges to simplify attaching it to equipment. A safety interlock is standard for the panel that allows access to the filters, and an optional safety-interlocked grate can be removed to access the equipment’s interior. Its stainless-steel construction can be finished to industrial, pharmaceutical or food-grade standards.

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