Bausano offering leases of extrusion lines in Europe

March 19, 2021
Program not yet available in North America, but it has not been ruled out.

Bausano & Figli S.p.A. announced it has launched an effort to support its customers in Europe by offering an operating lease for extrusion lines to produce resin pellets for molding, extrusion or calendering. The Italian manufacturer said this will give flexibility to processors as they balance ever-evolving demand with the need to invest carefully.

A spokeswoman said Bausano launched the initiative to analyze how the market would respond. While the program is still not available in the United States or Canada, the company informed its customers about the service and has seen a strong interest. Bausano has not ruled out extending the service to North America.

 Customers can pay a fixed periodic fee to lease complete extrusion lines. However, they must purchase  the cylinder and screws, which are custom-designed, and remain the customer’s property — even if they return the extrusion lines. Bausano says the lease option lets its customers boost capacity without tying up resources or risking technological obsolescence.