Bausano launches sales of two extruder lines in U.S. and Canada

March 1, 2021
The Italian manufacturer's twin-screw systems are a good match for producing pipe, profiles, pellets, wood-plastic composites and materials for the medical industry.

Bausano, an Italian extruder manufacturer, has introduced two twin-screw extrusion systems in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The MD Plus and the MD Nextmover lines are best suited for extrusion of pipe, profiles, pellets, wood-plastic composites (WPC) and materials used in the medical industry.

The MD Nextmover line recently was introduced worldwide, while the MD Plus extruder line recently entered the U.S. and Canadian markets, a company spokesman said.

The two lines feature Bausano’s patented and recently upgraded Multidrive transmission system, which incorporates interpenetrating and counter-rotating screws with newly developed motors. In the gearbox, the company introduced ground helical gears that, compared to spur gears, ensure greater precision, noise reduction and a more uniform distribution of torque. Furthermore, the use of cutting-edge bearings and high efficiency motors optimizes the energy consumption of the Multidrive transmission unit.

“Our extrusion lines are the result of advanced engineering that combines innovation with more than 70 years of know-how in plastic transformation processes,” said Clemente Bausano, VP of Bausano. “Our Multidrive system has increased the efficiency and the service life of our machinery.”

The Multidrive technology reduces stress on motor shafts, gears and screws. On the larger extruders, the Multidrive System 4x2 distributes torque strain on two pairs of motors (four motors total). On smaller extruders, the Multidrive System 2x2 distributes torque strain across a single pair of motors, which reduces the overall dimensions of the smaller extruders while optimizing gearbox operation.

The Multidrive technology delivers greater power to the screws, more speed precision, and reduced energy use than conventional systems, the company said. Compared to traditional systems, the Multidrive system also reduces the likelihood of faults resulting from excessive stress on mechanical components. The technology can lead to a longer average service life of the machine, according to the company. A single static frequency converter, an instrument capable of ensuring constant rotation and perfect synchronization, manages operation of the motors.

The MD Nextmover line features an all-new Digital Extruder Control 4.0 system with a capacitive, multitouch, panoramic screen. It constantly monitors the system by processing data and graphs in real time. It precisely analyzes extrusion conditions and consumption at each stage of the production process. MD Nextmover also includes the Smart Energy System that uses an alternating electromagnetic field for barrel heating, which provides maximum energy efficiency.

Both twin-screw lines also feature multi-stage thrust bearings, which are designed to triple the dynamic load and enable the extruders to handle high volumes of product.

Bausano’s headquarters is near Turin, Italy, and it has production facilities in Brazil and India. It is represented by two agents in the North American market.

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