Brabender unit tests rheology of small samples

May 18, 2020
Software updates to the MetaStation 4E allow remote connectivity.

MetaStation 4E This tabletop instrument from C.W. Brabender is ideal for testing the rheological properties of small samples. It is useful in a number of applications, including recipe development, materials testing and quality controlIt can be used in a lab or while connected to large mixers. 

What’s new? The redesigned torque rheometer drive and integration with Brabender’s new MetaBridge software. The rheometer is an upgrade over its predecessor, Brabender’s 2.5-horsepower ATR, which had a top motor speed of 125 rpm. It features a touch-screen interface, enabling access to troubleshooting capabilities, communications among multiple users and software updates; MetaBridge also allows remote connectivity to mobile devices and PCs. 

Benefits Fast access to accurate test results. Compared to some of the company’s earlier rheometers, the MetaStation is faster and has more horsepower 

C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc., South Hackensack, N.J., 201-343-8425, 

Vital Statistics 

Dimensions2.3 feet by 2.9 feet by 3.1 feet 
Weight339.5 pounds