Munchy debuts recycling system

Oct. 17, 2016
This high-output recycling machine can reprocess in-house industrial scrap PE directly into pellets.

Munchy 150 Air This high-output recycling machine — essentially an extruder with a die face cutter on the front — uses proprietary technology to reprocess in-house industrial scrap PE directly into pellets at speeds up to 330 pounds per hour. The pellets are air-cooled.

What's new? The machine, which was introduced to the market over the summer.

Benefits Elimination of the need for size reduction. The machine, which can transform scrap directly into pellets, features a dual-diameter screw with a short length-to-diameter ratio to prevent the resin from exposure to unnecessary thermal degradation. Able to handle flake or edge trim, the unit allows direct feeding of scrap plastic onto the screw, saving time and money by improving the quality of the pellet produced and increasing the percentage of material that can be reused. The Munchy 150 Air has been designed so all routine maintenance can be carried out by the operator, reducing downtime and total cost of ownership.

Munchy, Coral Springs, Fla., 954-575-3627,