Rocheleau extends blow molding machine lineup

Feb. 23, 2022
The RS-80W reciprocating-screw machine has a wider frame to accommodate more mold cavities.

By Bruce Geiselman 

Rocheleau Tool & Die’s RS-80W/48 reciprocating-screw blow molding machine is a new variation of the company’s RS-80 machine that is suitable for producing non-handled bottles and bottles with spin-trim neck finishing. 

“Based on the recent success of our hybrid extruder drive with VFD [variable frequency drive] electric motor and direct hydraulic drive, our engineering team designed the RS-80W with a wider frame to allow an expanded clamp size to accommodate higher cavitation for increased production of a wide variety of bottles and canisters, up to 14-head capacity,” said President Steven Rocheleau. 

The new blow molder has a 4-foot-wide usable platen area with a dual rotary clamping mechanism. 

“Compared to continuous-extrusion model machines, the RS-80W offers a more rapid parison extrusion rate and eliminates the need for parison cutting and shuttle strokes and blow-pin calibration strokes. Cycle time savings can be significant because of the fewer machine movements required by the reciprocating-screw process,” he said. 

The energy savings achieved with a VFD is about 40 percent, according to the company. 

The RS-80W/48 incorporates a high-performance extruder with an 80mm barrier-flight-design screw that can process more than 500 pounds per hour of HDPE. The original RS-80 can process up to 475 pounds of resin per hour and accommodate up to 12-parison configurations, as compared to 14 parisons for the new machine, Rocheleau said. 

The RS-80W/48 has simple, operator-friendly controls with a touch-screen interface. Parison programming allows for easy adjustment and optimum control of the weight and wall thickness of the parison as it is being formed. 

The new machine, like other RS-Series models, can come equipped with fully automated systems for spin trimming, bottle takeaway and tail pulling.  

Rocheleau blow molding machines are suitable for making wide-mouth jars and canisters, and containers for food, dairy, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and specialty applications.

Bruce Geiselman, senior staff reporter


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