UltiMaker gives new printer a high-temp print core

June 11, 2024
The Factor 4 can print process-critical tools and components.

Factor 4 The sturdy construction of this UltiMaker 3D printer makes it rugged enough for life on the factory floor, with a rigid all-metal frame and an all-new H-bridge gantry. The printer offers a triple-insulated build volume, closed-loop and direct-drive dual extrusion, automatic inductive bed leveling, and a polyetherimide-coated flexible build plate. Its integrated materials-handling system keeps up to six filament spools below 15 percent humidity, and can automatically switch between spools for uninterrupted printing. UltiMaker engineered the Factor 4 for the development and production of process-critical tools and components.

What’s new? A high-temperature print core that reaches up to 644 degrees Fahrenheit. This broadens the range of high-performance materials the Factor 4 can print with – for example, UltiMaker PPS CF, a durable, temperature-resistant carbon-fiber-reinforced material that serves as an alternative to steel or aluminum for less-demanding parts. Factor 4 supports one of the widest material portfolios on the market for applications including the production of end-use parts, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and small batches.

Benefits The production of consistent parts with minimal variance. UltiMaker said the Factor 4 has been tested to achieve greater than 95 percent print-completion success and dimensional accuracy within plus or minus 0.2 mm, or plus or minus 0.2 percent of the nominal length. This accuracy makes it ideal for producing validated parts. A suite of sensors monitors real-time data and delivers in-depth reporting, ensuring easy part validation and quality control. According to the company, the printer can provide a quick return on investment.

Ultimaker North America, New York, 347-334-6800, www.ultimaker.com

Vital Statistics

Build volume

13 inches by 9.4 inches by 11.8 inches

Print core temperature

Up to 644 degrees Fahrenheit

Humidity level

Below 15 percent


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