Formlabs introduces Resin Pumping System

Feb. 1, 2024
Printers can draw resin from 5-liter materials containers, reducing the need for refills.

Form 3+ and Form 3L Formlabs’ Form 3+ and Form 3L are part of its stable of resin 3D printers, and are capable of in-house 3D printing of consumer goods, industrial and automotive parts, manufacturing prototypes and more. 

What’s new? The Resin Pumping System, a plug-and-play replacement for standard 1-liter resin cartridges that is designed for these printers. With it, the printers can draw resin directly from 5-liter containers of select materials, reducing the needed frequency of resin refills. The Resin Pumping System debuted in January at CES. 

Benefits Increased production, lower resin costs and reduced waste. Five-liter containers provide an initial discount of at least 10 percent compared to 1-liter cartridges, leading to lower cost per part. The increased capacity also allows for longer unattended production. The larger containers also mean packaging waste is decreased by 86 percent. The Resin Pumping System is available for $199. 

Formlabs Inc., Somerville, Mass., 617-702-8476, 

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