Formlabs offers automated post-processing system

Jan. 2, 2024
The Fuse Blast works with Fuse SLS printers, fully cleaning polymer parts in as little as 15 minutes.

Fuse Blast 3D printer manufacturer Formlabs has released a new post-processing system for use with its Fuse Series of SLS 3D printers. The Fuse Blast automates parts cleaning and polishing, with a tumbling basket that removes semi-sintered and loose powder, and an inline ionizer that prevents dust from re-settling on parts. For parts with intricate features that require precision, users can operate the Fuse Blast in manual assisted or handheld cleaning modes.

What’s new? Fully automated post-processing.

Benefits Faster processing and decreased labor requirements. Fuse Blast cuts post-processing labor time by 80 percent, and can deliver consistent, customer-grade parts in as little as 15 minutes. It has three preprogrammed settings available, covering everything from the most common applications to use of Nylon 12 GF powder, strong surface armor and a gentle tumble cycle. The Fuse Blast has a fully sealed design that makes it suitable for use in a factory or office setting. The optional Fuse Blast Polishing system, which will be available in the second quarter, provides parts with a smooth, scuff-resistant and dye-ready semi-gloss finish.

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