Portable unit brings sanitizer to production floor

Jan. 20, 2021
Goodway Technologies' BioSpray-10-C unit makes it quick and easy to apply the company's fast-drying sanitizer to high-touch surfaces in manufacturing facilities and offices.

BioSpray-10-C This portable sanitation system from Goodway Technologies makes it easy to apply the company’s proprietary quick-drying alcohol-based sanitizer to surfaces in manufacturing facilities and offices. A 10-pound carbon dioxide tank on the unit provides a nonflammable propellant to spray the sanitizer, which dries within 60 seconds of application and disinfects surfaces within five minutes.

What’s new? Mobility. The BioSpray-10-C is smaller and lighter than earlier BioSpray models, and that, combined with its larger wheels, makes it easy to bring the sanitizing spray to the places that need it.

Benefits Quick, easy application. This unit delivers sanitizer faster than trigger spray bottles or wipes, and requires no rinsing or wiping. It reduces labor time by up to 63 percent and the patented system efficiently covers surfaces with up to 88 percent less product, according to independent lab testing, the company said. Its quick-drying ability makes it a good choice for high-touch areas or sensitive electronics like computers and touch screens.

Goodway Technologies Corp., Stamford, Conn., 203-359-4708, www.goodway.com