Screen changer gains a new seal

Oct. 11, 2016
PSI-Polymer Systems' HSC screen changers is geared for high-temperature, low-viscosity extrusion-coating applications.

HSC PSI-Polymer Systems has upgraded its HSC hydraulic slide plate screen changers to better handle high-temperature, low-viscosity extrusion-coating applications. The modular screen changers can be arranged either horizontally or vertically, as shown.

What's new? A new seal, which is now commercially available after completing a period of field testing.

Benefits Prevention of leaks around the outer diameter of the seal when processing polymers at extremely high temperatures and low viscosities. While typical applications require radial clearances of 0.001 inch to 0.0015 inch between the seal and body of the screen changer, the new seal offers a clearance of just 0.0005 inch — a requirement for dealing with applications that can run as hot as 650 degrees Fahrenheit, such as extrusion coating.

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