Motor uses electromagnetic technology

Aug. 23, 2016
Electric Torque Machines has introduced an electromegnetic direct-drive motor that is suitable for a range of applications.

M100 Electric Torque Machines has introduced a direct-drive motor that uses the company's proprietary electromagnetic technology and is suitable for a range of applications, including conveyors, fans, pumps and packaging equipment. Featuring both constant and adjustable-speed operation, the low-noise motor has a simple design and uses a compact mounting. 

What's new? Elimination of the gearbox. The motor's low speed and high torque capability eliminate the need for a gearbox in many applications.

Benefits Significantly lower energy costs and improved performance. The M100 saves energy with motor efficiency of 80 to 92 percent. Also, by running without a gearbox, maintenance requirements and the total cost of the drive system are reduced.  Electric Torque Machines Inc.,

Flagstaff, Ariz., 928-779-3169,