493K adds K-face temp control

Feb. 24, 2015

493K k-face advanced This new temperature control unit from 493K for rotational molding machines signals when significant actions during the molding process should occur, based on temperature monitoring. K-Face Advanced interprets temperature data collected in the mold by the 493K's K-Paq, K-Control and K-Rock line of temperature monitoring systems.

What's new? Visual and audio alarms alert the molder when the mold is ready to be moved from the oven or cooler, or, in the case of an open-flame machine, when the gas should be turned off. Six critical processing points are signaled, including 'Exit Oven Now', and 'Exit Cooler Now' alarms. Secondary/intermediary points also feature alarms, including a signal to the operator to release the second shot of material, or when to turn on compressed air in the cooler. K-Face Advanced has a 24-output relay interface designed for use with conventional bi-axial carousel machines, conventional bi-axial shuttle machines and rock-and-roll machines, both open flame and rocking oven styles.

Benefits More automated control of cooking temperatures can contribute to greater part consistency and eliminate property variations.

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