Yushin robots drop weight for speed

Jan. 14, 2015

HST-series Robots These high-speed servo-powered traversing take-out robots from Yushin Precision Equipment are designed to replace its predecessor high-speed RAII-HS robots. First models include the HST-150, for use with injection presses from 100 to 200 tons; HST-250, for 180 to 300 tons; and HST-400, for 280 to 450 tons. All models come in a single vertical take-out arm (S type); vertical main and runner arms (D type); or dual main arms (DS type) for stack mold applications. The price for an HST-150S model is roughly $45,950.

What's New? Lighter weight and greater speed. Moving components are about 160 pounds lighter than Yushin's RAII-HS, with critical parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Also new are automatic anti-vibration controls, with better vibration-damping properties.

Benefits A 9.2 percent boost in speed without increasing the size of the servo drive, plus smooth take-out and parts handling, and a 98.6 percent reduction in settling time vs. the RAII-a (alpha) HS robots.

Yushin America Inc., Cranston, R.I., 401-463-1800, www.yushinamerica.com