Dri-Air downsizes hopper bank footprint

Jan. 14, 2015

Multiple Hopper Drying System This new multi-hopper bank design from Dri-Air can handle up to six hoppers with capacities from 5 to 150 pounds, with simultaneous drying of multiple materials at different temperatures. Each hopper has its own booster heater. The hoppers run with a single dryer, either a Dri-Air HP4-X or comparable desiccant dryer, to create a compact but centralized drying system for R&D, pre-drying and just-in-time inventory.

What's New? The tiered hopper arrangement and smaller frame creates a space-saving design that takes up minimal floor space while providing multi-hopper versatility. The design can be scaled for size.

Benefits The new system is 30 percent smaller than similar multi-hopper bank designs. Cost-reduction benefits result from quick and easy material changeovers for color or resin type, eliminating downtime.

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