Maag Duplex filter performs automatic cleaning

July 10, 2024
The DFS-BF allows the candle bundle to perform longer before it must be exchanged.

Duplex This Maag filter technology, featuring two filter vessels per unit, employs the company’s Micronex candle filter elements to meet the filtration needs of recyclers dealing a wide variety of polymer types, viscosities, throughputs and filtration levels. 

What’s new? The introduction of the new-generation DFS-BF, which is capable of performing an automated backflush cleaning of the filter candles during operation, as well as the use of Maag’s patented DivexPro switch-over valves. The solid valve housing is forged out of one piece, with flow channels drilled into it. It is equipped with an integrated heating cage, and includes an integrated drain or vent valve. The valve is available with nominal bore sizes from 2 inches to 8 inches to meet any throughput rate. The DFS-BF joins the standard Duplex Filter System (DFS), which uses only one vessel for filtration while the other vessel is on standby. For the DFS-BF, a specialized version of the Micronex filter, the Micronex-BF, is available with a special outer guard to protect the pleating during both the filtering process and the backflush process. 

Benefits Cost savings. Duplex filters traditionally can be used for several weeks or months, until the contamination builds to a critical level and the candle bundle or the complete vessel are exchanged. However, a growing set of chemical recycling applications bring extremely high contamination levels combined with demand for ultra-fine filtration, making the traditional procedure costly. To address this issue, the backflow capability of the DFS-BF allows it to clean clogged candle bundles inside the filter vessel without interrupting the polymer flow, so the candle bundle can perform longer before it must be exchanged for external cleaning. Customers may choose whether the pistons of each valve size are executed with manual, electrical or hydraulic actuators. For chemical recycling applications with low viscosity and high contamination levels the new generation DFS-BF is capable of performing an automated backflush cleaning of the filter candles during operation. 

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