NOVA Chemicals launches organization to boost circularity

March 19, 2024
The Canadian Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity as a resource to improve plastic sustainability.

Nova Chemicals Corp., Calgary, Alberta, in March announced the creation of a Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity to serve as a hub for industry innovators and Canadian research institutions that wish to further plastic sustainability efforts.

 “As the world looks to grow the circular economy, we are committed to investing in the technology and infrastructure needed to achieve global ambitions while ensuring Canada remains at the forefront of petrochemical and plastics innovation,” said Rocky Vermani, SVP of sustainability and innovation with Nova Chemicals.

The company is seeking involvement from interested Canadian research institutions that are focused on mechanical and advanced recycling, as well as microplastics. More detailed information and how to apply can be found on the Nova Chemicals' website, and the center’s email address is [email protected].