Gneuss controls link components of Omni recycling lines

May 3, 2024
The controls enhance ease of use and offer visibility into the entire recycling process.

Omni This Gneuss brand incorporates any tailor-made, turnkey recycling line comprising a Gneuss extruder configured with an assortment of the company’s other recycling equipment, such as a feeder, RSFgenius filtration system and vacuum system, spec’d out and arranged according to customers’ needs. The line can be married to downstream equipment needed for direct recycling of items such as waste sheet, strapping tape or fiber. When equipped with an MRS extruder from Gneuss, the setup is known as an Omni; when the line is outfitted with an MRSjump extruder, as at NPE, it is called an OmniMax or, if it also has a Jump reactor from Gneuss, an OmniBoost. Depending on the configuration, throughputs can range from 300 pounds per hour to 5,000 pounds per hour. 

What’s new? The lines’ controls, which have been upgraded to link auxiliary components supplied by both Gneuss and other manufacturers. Functions have been added to the controls, and central process visualization is offered. In addition to the control upgrades, different vacuum systems, including for deep vacuums, some of which have patented separation systems to extract large quantities of volatile impurities, now are available, primarily for use with Gneuss’ OmniMax systems for polyolefin applications and OmniBoost for polyester applications. 

Benefits Enhanced ease of use, along with visibility into the entire recycling process. Omni controls can provide graphics showing the process all along the recycling line, and they make possible enhanced automatic process control, allowing, for example, automatic startup. 

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