CMG granulator designed for medical processes

March 5, 2024
The G17-MED puts out high-quality regrind the size of virgin pellets while minimizing dust.

G17-MED CMG has introduced its G17-MED, a small granulator designed for use with injection molding and blow molding processes for products intended for the medical industry. CMG is owned by Piovan SpA, and its products are available in North America through Piovan’s Universal Dynamics subsidiary.   

What’s new? The G17-MED granulator, which puts out high-quality, homogenous regrind with precision and cleanliness while minimizing dust production. 

Benefits Dimensionally small regrind. Because the machines used to produce medical products often have small-diameter screws, processing large regrind is problematic. The G17-MED granulators reliably produce regrind the size of virgin pellets, so using the regrind has no adverse impact on the quality of finished medical products. Maintenance of the G17-MED is simple, and the mechanical components of the entire unit can be accessed without tools, then cleaned with a vacuum and put back into operation in a matter of minutes. The granulators also operate quietly, with a design that conveys sound waves toward absorption panels, so noise levels remain well below industry-accepted standards. 

Universal Dynamics Inc., Fredericksburg, Va., 703-490-7000,,   

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