Munson cutter offers efficient size reduction

Oct. 25, 2023
The SCC-15-SS screen classifying cutter can produce up to 500 cubic feet of size-reduced material per hour.

SCC-15-SS screen classifying cutter Munson’s screen classifying cutter provides efficient size reduction of hard, soft and/or fibrous materials that have irregular shapes or sizes, including plastics and thermoplastic scrap. It features a 30-inch-wide hopper, which funnels materials into a 15-inch-wide throat positioned over a solid-mass rotor. The rotor is covered with staggered parallelograms, each of which holds two 0.5-inch-wide cutter tips. Material that falls into the chute is subjected to successive mechanical shearing against bed knives until it’s small enough to pass through a screen. Screen perforations range from 1/32 to 2 inches in diameter and up to 3 inches square.  

What’s new? The SCC-15-SS, which features a cutter fabricated with material contact surfaces of 304 stainless steel. An optional 7.5-horsepower gear motor drive can power the shaft to rotate at speeds from 30 rpm to 3,600 rpm. 

Benefits High throughput rates. Depending on application, it can produce up to 500 cubic feet per hour of size-reduced product. Size reduction can be achieved from coarse down to 20 mesh with minimal fines, heat and energy. The cutter tips are each held in place with a single machine screw and are easy to replace.  

Munson Machinery Co. Inc., Utica, N.Y., 315-797-0090, 

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