SABIC PCR-based resin helps customers reduce carbon footprint

Oct. 31, 2023
New Noryl resin has 30 percent PCR content.

PCR-based resins SABIC has met the challenge of developing sustainable polyphenylene ether (PPE)-based materials with a new formulation that uses at least 25 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Its PCR-based Noryl resin technology can be incorporated into more than 200 existing Noryl resin grades, including a glass-fiber-reinforced grade and an unreinforced, non-FR grade.  

What’s new? Noryl NH5120RC3 resin, which has 30 percent PCR content. 

Benefits Improved circularity. SABIC said that depending on the requirements of a particular application, its new PCR-based technology might be able to directly replace fossil-based Noryl grades currently in use, giving customers the performance they require while also reducing their carbon footprint. For example, compared to a fossil-based resin grade, Noryl NH5120RC3 resin’s PCR content has 10 percent less global warming potential. 

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