Eriez offers more powerful rare earth tube circuit

Nov. 10, 2023
The Xtreme RE7 protects against machinery damage and product contamination from fine ferrous material.

Pro Grade  Eriez makes a variety of separation products that can protect against the damage that can be caused to machinery or potential contamination of end products that can result from weakly magnetic fine ferrous material that can enter the stream of plastics to be recycled. 

What’s new? The improved Xtreme RE7 rare earth tube circuit, which is now available in Eriez ProGrade tubes, grates and liquid line traps.  

Benefits Greater separation efficiency. In head-to-head tests, the Xtreme RE7 was shown to be 13 percent to 40 percent stronger than other magnets on the market today. The company says its Xtreme RE7 beats competitors’ models in terms of pull testing, gauss rating or both, and is the strongest technology currently available. 

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