Chemarema prepares plastic for chemical recycling

Oct. 27, 2023
Erema's custom-built systems combine preconditioning units with the company’s extrusion technology.

Chemarema Designed for applications upstream from pyrolysis, this portfolio of custom-built Erema systems combines preconditioning units — for cutting, homogenizing, heating, drying, compacting, buffering and dosing — and the company’s extrusion technology to prepare waste plastic that’s not appropriate for mechanical recycling. The Chemarema range includes cascade solutions with single- and twin-screw extruders; shredder-extruder combinations and vacuum-assisted extrusion solutions are available for special applications. The systems can be designed to accommodate an array of polymer types, material shapes, and varying bulk densities and levels of moisture or contamination.  

What’s new?  The Chemarema, available since K 2022. 

Benefits  The ability to recover value from highly contaminated post-consumer input streams, such as packaging films with low bulk densities from about 3 pounds per cubic foot and moisture levels of 4 percent to 12 percent, to be prepared for chemical recycling in just one process step at throughputs of up to about 5.5 tons per hour. According to Erema, the systems perform reliably, continuously and energy-efficiently. Compared to conventional systems, they have a process window that’s three times wider for handling the input variability that typically occurs with material flows for chemical recycling due to fluctuations in composition, impurities and moisture.   

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