Lindner celebrates 75th anniversary, opening of new facility

July 11, 2023
New plant in Austria, which doubles production space, has been designed to minimize carbon footprint.
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Recycling specialist Lindner recently held a joint celebration at the site of its new company headquarters in Spittal an der Drau, Austria. With guests including long-time associates and partners, the company marked its 75th anniversary, the official opening of its new facility and the 10th anniversary of its subsidiary, Lindner Washtech.  

“The positive market development coupled with the increasing demand for Lindner quality products led to our decision to construct a new plant in 2019 and so to invest around 48.5 million euros [about $53.1 million],” said Manuel Lindner, owner and managing director of Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH. “This turned out to be an important strategic step. 

The company sought to minimize the facility’s carbon footprint with the equipment it chose, from the air source heat pumps and ground water pumps that provide its cooling, heating and ventilation to the use of recycled turf bricks to pave its parking lot. The new plant has more than doubled the available production area to 150,695 square feet. 

“Our new facility is completely energy-independent and is a benchmark in sustainable construction,” explained Matthias Egarter, CFO at Lindner and leading project manager of the new building.